Dry January? Maybe not at this house…

As we are located in Scotland, we couldn’t possibly commit to a Dry January with Burns Night coming up! And we know where we will be celebrating it! Apart from having a party in our impressive Billiards Room, we will be having a few glasses of Champagne and Drams of Whiskey in our opulent Champagne Room.


Once upon a time – this room was the gentlemen’s toilets (back when Castleton House was a hotel)! When we got into the house, we thought long and hard about what to create in this space. We thought about opening it through to our Billiards Room or keeping it as storage, but luckily we finally decided to bring an elegant Bar to the house!

We have created a sumptuous room to retreat into for a decadent evening. To create this room we designed an intimate and bespoke area, deciding to use dark tones, quirky decorations, unique lighting, antique furniture and statement pieces.


Central to the room is a glittering chandelier which distributes the light in the room impeccably, ensuring that our sparkling Mathew Williamson wallpaper can be enjoyed at its best! The wallpaper is spectacular, it glistens and draws a lot of attention, we definitely think it has the WOW factor!

We firmly believe that to make an impact, you have to make a bold statement, hence our fabulous wallpaper. But…we also believe you make an impact with the finer details and decorative touches in a room. For this room we have an eclectic mix of furniture and decorations. Our gold side tables with little birds add a feminine and softer touch whilst still being opulent and attractive. We have added cheeky ornaments such as our beloved cupid who sits proud on our turquoise bar cabinet and we have furnished the room with large ice buckets for our guests enjoyment.


Whilst we still have a few pictures to hang to finish the space off, we hope that you will agree that this is a room worth celebrating in! We open our doors later this year, so be sure to think about us for Burns Night 2020!



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