Dining Room Under Construction…

As we get closer and closer to Christmas the house is really taking shape.  Our mission to create a blank canvas is almost complete in all the bedrooms & our new flooring has been laid throughout – so we are feeling excited!

The flooring has probably been one of our main transforming factors alongside a fresh lick of paint and some fabulous wallpapers. Whittons Flooring helped us with the mammoth task, which proved tricky in parts!


Once the original floor was all fixed up with a lot of TLC from Paul & his team from Murray Pennycook, Whittons were then able to finish it off with a good layer of screed before laying our new Herringbone Amitco flooring.


We have finally ended up with this stunning floor!


So, when we were thinking about the dining experience you should have when you come to Castleton House, we envisaged something special and opulent, whilst still feeling comfortable and intimate. To achieve this in a room so large, we decided we needed to make our statement with our wallpaper, decoration & furnishings. No holding back. So we chose this beautiful wallpaper from Harlequin in Meadow Grass  which has truly made this space incredible.



With curtains, chairs, furniture and brand new stoves to be fitted in the next two weeks we simply can’t wait to show off this space when it is finished! Stay tuned for the unveiling!

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